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Website: Macca Sauces

Website for an independent hot sauce business.

The owners of Macca Salsas hired me to create a simple website for them to promote their Australian salsas online. I was originally hired to design the labeling for their products, and was re-hired to work on the website.

The website itself is a simple one-page scrolling website. The starting image has the product’s name, slogan and call-to-action superimposed over a faded version of the product’s labeling. What follows is a brief description of the product, its history, and photos of each product. There is also a contact form that can be used to contact them for more information.

The colors of the website were inspired by the same color palette used in the labeling. The website fully adapts to the size of users screen, whether it be on a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC.

This website also scored 100/100 on all three sections of the Google PageSpeed Insights.

Language: English & Spanish.