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Blazing Fast Website

Website for a professor recruitment company in Chile.

The TeachingChile website has gone through a steady evolution over the last few years, adding and adapting to new trends and technology in order to remain digitally relevant. Two of the main focuses of the latest redesign were organization and speed.

The new version of the website has a simplified and streamlined design. Contents on the main page, in the sidebars, and in the footer were rethought to be as efficient as possible while removing clutter. One example is that links in the sidebar are now based on relevance to the current page, as well as a study of website traffic flow over the last year. The previous three instances of the live time in Chile have been reduced to just one instance. This is found on the contact page, where the visitor is most likely to want to call.

The clutter of the multiple navigation items has been removed. Now the site navigation remains “hidden,” and appears when the visitor clicks the clearly labeled Menu button. There is also a Search and Programs link which will open a search field – a new function at – or take the visitor to the latest programs.

To help first-time visitors get started, there is a new page on the site called The Process (El Proceso), which is the timeline of a “typical” participant’s experience with TeachingChile, from first contact to the return to country of origin.

In an effort to remove bloat and unnecessary code from the website, the decision was taken to move away from frameworks. The first version of the website was based upon Bootstrap, while the second version lies atop Foundation. In the latest version, the site code was constructed from scratch, only being included code that was necessary.

Another change of note is that the icon fonts in previous versions have all been replaced by SVG graphics. Nearly all icons on the website are SVG. Only the photos and the logo are image files.

All of these changes, along with the addition of Browser Caching, CSS and JavaScript compression, optimization of visual images and the removal of unnecessary code have produced the fastest-loading version of TeachingChile to date.