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Ruta Newenche Book Design

Print and electronic design for the book Guía Gastrónomica de la Ruta Newenche.

The Universidad Católica in Villarrica offered a 2-year course to local entrepreneurs under the name Ruta Newenche. At the end of the process, the university decided to publish a Gastronomy Guide based on the gastronomy part of the course.

The university tasked Geraldine Ovalle, the gastronomy course coordinator, to compile the recipes and stories. Imaginalgo was contacted to design the book.

The format of the book is A5 (210mm x 148mm) and was designed using Adobe InDesign CS6 and Photoshop CS6. The book has a total of 38 pages, including: front and back covers, introductions by the director and coordinator, index of students, and 2 pages dedicated to each student: the left page features a full-size image of the student with their prepared plate, while the right page contains a story / description of the plate’s importance, the list of ingredients necessary, and the instructions for preparing the plate.

The two principal colors of the book, green (#0d330d) and brown (#463627), were emblematic of the Ruta Newenche project; these same colors were used throughout the book’s design. In order to give a friendlier, informal feel to the design, the page colors are a light tan. Several pages were also designed with a faded background image, to further add personality to the project.

Special care was given in font selection, in order to complement the informal, personal feel of the project, while maintaining readability. The names and plates of the students, as well as other major titles, are displayed in Bebas Neue font. The main text is Minion Pro Italic 10pt, which allowed for the presentation of various amounts of text, and line spacing was set at 12.5pt to aid in readability. The quote appearing below each student’s photo uses the Journal font 18pt. The logo for La Ruta Newenche was designed by other designers, but adapted and used by Imaginalgo throughout the book.

The Guía Gastronómica de la Ruta Newenche was sent to print, with 500 copies being requested.

After the launch of the print version of the book, an e-Book was developed to increase publicity for the project. It is a faithful copy of the original book, and was created in EPUB and MOBI formats in order to reach a larger audience. It is a simply-designed book with a focus on being easy-to-read.

The e-Book was designed mainly using Photoshop, Calibre, and Microsoft Word.

Available in EPUB and MOBI formats.

Language: Spanish.