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My Personal Website

My website launched as a Progressive Web App.

In 2017 I finally got around to creating a personal website. The idea was to create a central location where I would begin my personal branding.

I had been really wanting to try out several new design tricks, especially the creation of split page website and a basic Progressive Web App. I was fascinated with the possibility of creating a website with mobile app functionality that would also function offline.

In 2016, the ability to create and host websites with SSL became easier than ever, with my two favorite options being the use of CloudFlare's free SSL and the use of free Let's Encrypt certificates issued by more and more hosting companies. This allowed me to create and implement my first Service Worker script, which prompts a return visitor to the site to download the site (as an app) to their screen. It also caches the website and allows for viewing even without a connection!

The color palette was difficult to define, but I was able to eventually find a color that I did not use too frequently (too many blues and greens as of late). I settled upon #b14c3a, which is not-quite red, not-quite orange. From there, I created a tetadric color palette from that one color to obtain the blues, greens and browns that can be seen on the Résumé / Work and Writings pages.

With regard to the text and fonts, Source Sans Pro was selected as the universal site font. At the end of 2016, I became more interested in fonts, typography, and text orientation in general. Swiss (International) Style Design has always fascinated me, and after reading an article about CSS Writing Modes on the 24ways website, I elected to create a unique, vertical title for each section of the website. The text is a simple semi-opaque black which blends with the color of each page's header section.