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Labeling: Macca Sauce

Etiquetas para una linea de salsas caseras.

Macca Sauce is a product that was launched near the end of 2015 by Macca Producciones, which consists of a couple operating between Villarrica and Pucón, in south-central Chile. Its slogan is “The Original and the Best!”

Julian was my contact throughout the process. One half of Macca Producciones, he originally hails from Australia and had previous experience working with product launches and designs there.

The main focus of the project was the creation of three eye-catching jar labels for a line of sauce. The labels needed to be fairly minimalist, attractive and easy to understand. Each label has a graphic representation of the flavor of the sauce, as well as nutritional information, and information about the product.

A simple business card was also created in line with the sauce label styles, and featuring the faded boomerang symbol in the background. The fonts used in the project are REIS and Open Sans.

“An authentic Australian seasoned sauce excellent with cheeses, crackers and all types of meat. Made in Chile with local products. It’s 100% natural – gluten-free and no MSG, or artificial coloring or flavors.“