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Huellas y Sabores Website

Website for the Huellas y Sabores Chilean Heritage project.

Geraldine Ovalle and Natalia Barría, two winners of the Regional Fondart in 2014, published a book called Huellas y Sabores de Mujeres en la Cordillera. An accompanying website was later designed to further spread the information about the project.

The website Huellas y Sabores acts as a sort of web portal for the project in general, where one can learn more about the proposal and purpose of the investigation, read the biographies of the people who participated in the project, a brief presentation of the authors, a news section, and more.

Huellas y Sabores was built to take advantage of the latest web design trends. The size has been optimized for all types of devices: it looks great on a traditional PC or notebook, but also adapts its form to be clearly viewed using a tablet or smartphone.

The images load with animation. The numbers that appear in the information and statistics section also load with animation. The photography was a key part of the project, and many examples can be viewed and enjoyed on the website. The logo design is that of a plate with a fork and a spoon, which represent the culinary aspect of the project. The illustration of the mountain with waves and trees symbolize the three geographic zones of the investigation: mountains, valley and sea.

The font type used for the website is the same as that used for the print book: PT Sans.