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Gliding Ghost WP Theme

Free minimalist, speedy WordPress theme for your blog or portfolio.

This is my 8th WordPress theme release. Gliding Ghost is a simple, minimalist WordPress theme based on the Glider theme for WordPress and the Ghostwriter theme for the Ghost CMS.

The original inspiration for this WordPress theme comes from the Ghostwriter theme for the Ghost CMS. I was inspired and impressed by the theme’s simplicity, minimalism and animated transitions. I was frustrated, however, that I was unable to run Ghost CMS on my hosting. So I set out to port the theme over to WordPress.

Help in how to create an AJAX-loading theme came by way of Tom Creighton’s Glider theme for WordPress. The two combined to create Gliding Ghost – the free, lightweight WordPress theme you can download here.

This theme features AJAX post loading, responsive design, support for portfolio post types, and more.  Portfolio items are loaded and viewed using a special navigation icon that appears if you have the recommended portfolio plugin activated.

The theme uses the WordPress Theme Customizer to allow for changing the colors, menus and many other features of this theme. Additional pages can be created and added to a global navigation. The navigation appears as a Table of Contents.