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Book-Shaped Website

Website for a professor and gourmet in Chile.

Geraldine Ovalle is a chef and gourmet who lives in the south-central part of Chile. She wanted to redesign her old website and update it with some of the new services she offers. Geraldine was also hoping to combine in one website her work and education history, her personal writings, and her past and present projects.

Geraldine was a fan of the book theme of her old website, so this was retained for the new edition. Her logo received a small touch-up as well.

In order to speed up the website, which has a fair amount of content, WordPress was removed as the content management system, and instead is simply updated using FTP.

The new website uses several layers of new technology. HTML 5 and CSS 3 are widely used, with CSS transformations and transitions being used to animate the book, sliding to the center of the page and opening when the page corner or button is clicked. The three-lined icon in the top-right corner of the site reveals the site navigation. In addition, several of the project pages have photo galleries automatically loaded from her Google+ page.

In the website revision, Open Sans was retained as the body text. However, the previous header and logo text – made with the CoolveticaCoolvetica font – was replaced with Bebas Neue.